2012 International Women's Day

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Siapa kat sini tak suka insan bergelar perempuan/wanita? Haa.. ada masalah le tU! hee.. Gay apa? Korang suka mak korang tak? Nenek ke? erm.. mesti ada kan? At least sorang.. Don't tell me you don't like WOMEN:girls?.. aigoo.. Muna nak share some information that I know about 'Hari Wanita Sedunia 2012' *dah lepas*.. Teruskan membaca okay?
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It's all about INSPIRING one another, from one role model to an aspiring young girl, one at a time. In line with the 2012 International Women's Day theme - CONNECTING GIRLS, INSPIRING FUTURES; the WOMEN:girls' 10-day campaign aims to begin a connection to INSPIRE and ENCOURAGE a new network of exchanges between young girls and women.

Dear girls, wishing for someone who can guide you in life?
If you are 15 years and above & want a vision for your future, looking for valuable exposure, want to gain professional support for career advancement, transition and develop important relationships and contacts. Source: Women Girls Inspire Facebook Page
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Celebrate this International Women’s Day connecting to women across the country that you’ve always looked up to. Learn from the successful minds like Asha Gill, Melinda Looi & more, about how to make it and receive one-on-one guidance to advance and develop in life. Sign up via the website now! Source: Mentorship: Do Something Good Webpage

Sekian saja perkongsian dari Muna.Sharing is caring. Boleh share artikel ni :) hee.. Salam

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