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The story of the accidental racer.
An accidental racer, Zamri Baba first started riding as a hobby on the circuits at the age of 18.

As a non-professional in a professional team, the pressure upon him was intense and at times he felt like giving up but persevered nonetheless.

This week, he shares his opinion on the similiarities and differences between national and international league races.

Apart from tips for the aspiring rider, he has a little bit of advice for the rest of us. Find out what this is.
A Growing Up Together Day with your loved ones!
Jump into the virtual world of Growing Up Together Days with interactive games and craft stations to customize your own shirts and badges this season.

Brought to you by Friso, the Growing Up Together event is happening near you so look forward to tons of activities for you and your little ones.

Wanna know what's a modern mum? Take some time off and share this beautiful journey here:

Date: 22 – 26 Feb
Venue: One Utama, Klang Valley

Come join us and learn about the joy of growing up together today.
Are you the greatest Mummy & Daddy?
When your baby cries for no reason at all, what do you check it for?

How do you train a newborn baby to sleep through the night?

What do you do when the baby starts having diaper rash?

They say there’s no greater teacher than experience, so parents, this is the time to put your parenting skills to good use! Huggies Malaysia has launched another fun contest to test your and your partner’s knowledge about caring for your precious bundle of joy. Not only can you win amazing prizes, Huggies will share with you great tips and facts on baby-care with the Huggies Caring Couples Contest.

Check out the daily baby-care questions now!
Help Keep Flippy & Hoofy Clean!
Dettol’s new No-Touch Hand Wash System eliminates bacterial transmission, as your hands will never need to touch the dispenser while they’re dirty. This helps reduce the spread of bacteria and germs via contact with traditional soap dispensers.

Available this February, a special edition Dettol No-Touch Hand Wash System will be made available in local supermarkets and hypermarkets to make washing hands more fun for kids.

Head on to Dettol’s Facebook page to join Flippy and Hoofy in their quest for cleanliness and stand a chance to win an iPad2 and other great prizes!


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