Sloggi Girl's Night

Malam ni Muna nak review satu blog yang sangat ohsem SUPER AWESOME! Cheesie’s #SloggiGirlsNight. Kenapa? Tak percaya? Tengok sendiri kat SINI. Alang2 dah klik, korang tolong lah vote untuk diorang kat SINI ok?

Hostess Sloogi Girl's Night iaitu Cheesie, Tey Cindy dan Shin Yee telah menjadi host dengan tema tersendiri iaitu:

  • Playful Peppy
  • Active Zippy
  • Cosy Cuddly

They showed everyone that you don't have to be there personally at the party to get all the fun. JUST "PARTY" WITH THEM ONLINE! 
The girls kept their followers updated LIVE from their party with status updates, pictures, videos and even polls, when they need opinions from their followers.

Their followers got the chance to win sloggi vouchers during the Q&A sessions on their party as well.A lot of people have been raving on and on about the girls and their sloggi Girls' Night, but what say you?

Itu saja dari Muna malam ini. Terima kasih kerana sudi membaca blog Muna. Sekian, salam.
Ranking: 5

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